After researching different websites like Stack overflow, TIOBE, RedMonk, PYPL, IEEE Spectrum, Indeed, Octoverse GitHub and Coding Dojo the following are the top 3 noteworthy programming languages:


JavaScript is one of the most popular and in demand skills in today’s job market as stated by several sites such as Stack overflow and Octoverse GitHub. It not only used on the front-end, but also on the back-end development (NodeJS is a good example).

It is the foundation of a lot of commonly used libraries and frameworks (like jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS and NodeJS).

The latest version of JavaScript (ES2017) is launching in late 2017.

If you want to get started with JavaScript, start with one of those online courses:



The number of Java positions available on Indeed went up by almost 30,000 in 2017 compared to 2016 including Android related positions (source: Coding Dojo). It’s used on billions of devices and over 10 million developers use Java worldwide!

Java is mostly used as a server-side language for backend development and to build Android apps, and games.

The latest release is Java 8 and Java 9 is launching later in 2017.

The following are some online courses to help you start learning Java:



Python is a great language to learn for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. It’s a general purpose programming language. With Python you can develop anything, from mobile apps to web applications to machine learning algorithms and data mining.

The latest version of Python 3.6 was released in December 2016.

The following are online courses that can help you to start learning Python:


The following are the other programming languages trend for 2017:

  • C#
  • Swift and Objective-C
  • Ruby on Rails
  • R
  • C++
  • Go
  • PHP
  • Scala


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