Based on the latest LinkedIn’s emerging jobs report in the US, the jobs with the top growth potential are tech-focused. Machine learning engineer, data scientist, and big data engineers rank among the top emerging jobs. As an example, Data scientist roles have grown over 650 percent since 2012. Supply of candidates for these roles cannot keep up with demand.  

The following chart illustrates the top 20 emerging jobs in the US: Note that not all of the emerging tech jobs require technical skills. Sales development representative and customer managers rank among the top emerging jobs. The soft skills like communication and management underpin all of these emerging jobs.  

Based on this same report,  the following skills and roles are on the decline:  

  • Skills like “shopper marketing” that are traditionally focused on understanding shopping habits in physical stores – are on the decline. 
  • Legacy technology skills associated with older technology systems like Java are also decreasing across the more technology-focused roles. 
  • General skills like “strategy” and “marketing” are saturated and are being replaced by more specific skills associated with these professions, for example, “integrated marketing.” 
  • Certain specialist roles are on the decline. From specialized developer roles, to legal specialists, and even specialized logistics roles. 

Source: LinkedIn’s 2017 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report