As an experienced programmer or an architect, do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of technical knowledge you have to keep up with?

Not only the beginners who just started with computer programming are overwhelmed with all languages and technologies out there but even the experienced developers struggle with this challenge.

With so many programming languages and technologies to know and learn, how do you avoid feeling overwhelmed?

I believe it is critical to keep reading new books and learning but it is a LOST battle if you want to keep up to date and learn every new technology! There are so many languages and frameworks and they keep changing faster than ever. There is too much out there to master everything.

The more efficient approach is to pick a few and stay up-to-date on. This is how I try to keep learning:

  • Focus on one course at a time and get the most from it. Tackle only one at a time instead of juggling several courses.
  • Make learning part of your routine by planning the time for learning in your daily schedule. If you don’t schedule it, you’ll whittle that time away on something else. This is an efficient way to make steady progress in your learning process.
  • Switch off all from the distractions and your phone social networks. Focus on one your learning during the scheduled time for learning.

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  • Get practical by applying the principles you’re learning to a real-life project is the key to learning. The material won’t stick if you’re not practicing what you’re learning.
  • When you feel that writing code became unproductive, try to learn through other channels: podcasts, videos, and so on. Moving back and forth between different learning methods can also help to keep your engagement.
  • Put yourself in the non-comfort zone and find a way to feel a pressure (money pressure, competition with others …etc) if you want to keep a focus and a make a progress.
  • Finally, resist the hype. If something works for you, stick with it. Only adopt something if it actually solves a problem.

No one expects you to know everything. Have fun and never stop learning.